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Avoid Debt During Summer Vacation

summer vacation debt

  What would summer be without a vacation? For many Americans, who are in debt or trying to avoid being in debt, a summer vacation is simply a distant memory. If you think that getting away from it all for a few days is strictly reserved for people who have their finances in order, think…

Eating Healthy On A Budget

healthy eating

Having a busy lifestyle and family to care for can take up a lot of your time. Moms in particular struggle to balance work life, personal time, and providing meals for their families. It is difficult to have quality family time or cook every night when your schedule is busy, especially when both parents work…

How to Create a Family Budget


Debt of any kind can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re raising a family. As a parent, you work hard to provide for and give your children everything they need and want, as well as try to instill a responsible view on money management, but it may be hard when you’re facing a mountain of debt….

Family Vehicle : Buy vs. Lease

If you’re in the market for a new family vehicle, you may feel overwhelmed by the options to buy or lease. For some drivers, leasing a new vehicle is a more viable option while others are more comfortable with buying a new car. There’s no “right” choice, it basically comes down to what works best…