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Avoid Debt During Summer Vacation

summer vacation debt

  What would summer be without a vacation? For many Americans, who are in debt or trying to avoid being in debt, a summer vacation is simply a distant memory. If you think that getting away from it all for a few days is strictly reserved for people who have their finances in order, think…

How to Create a Family Budget


Debt of any kind can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re raising a family. As a parent, you work hard to provide for and give your children everything they need and want, as well as try to instill a responsible view on money management, but it may be hard when you’re facing a mountain of debt….

The Best Days to Buy for the Holidays

Despite the convenience of online shopping, many holiday shoppers still opt for the in-store shopping experience. These days, it seems that as soon as Halloween ends at the strike of midnight, the aisles are replaced with everything related to winter holidays. Some shoppers, assuming that Black Friday is the only day to get good deals,…

The Recession of 2008: Are We Doomed to a Repeat?

The housing boom leading up to the 2008 recession was a primary cause of the U.S. economic crash. Government regulations required banks to ease lending restrictions and people could easily obtain loans for mortgages by using “stated income” documents. Banks made borrowing very easy so more of the population could obtain sub-prime loans which provided…